My platform that I am promoting is raising awareness to mental health issues in Canadian youth. Many teens are dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disease and even schizophrenia and do not seek the help that they desperately need. This is a big problem. The reason why I feel strongly about this issue is because I used to deal with feelings of depression myself. Some people may not believe this, but yes it is true. I would not share my deep emotions or even tell my family and friends how I truly felt on the inside. I hid everything pretty well, no one had a clue with what I was dealing with, but this made things even worse for me. 

The pressure to be perfect

I needed someone to talk to, to be there for me. Everyone needs someone there for support. I am here for those who feel like they can’t get through the days, who are too scared to speak out, and who are too afraid to ask for help. Talking to someone about your problem may not sound like it would be much use, but it really is. Even writing in a journal to express your thoughts can make a big difference. Anyone dealing with a mental illness have many options to make their life better and start living again, though they may not think so. If it weren’t for the friends I have today and my family there supporting me, I do not know where I would be standing mentally. I am so much more confident with who I am, and I am PROUD of the person that I am growing up to be. I am so happy to be making a difference so far in my community. People I may not know so well have messaged me and personally told me how I inspire them to talk to someone about their feelings and seek help. It is truly an indescribable feeling to know that I can actually make a difference.

Confidence is beautiful!

I cannot stress enough how Miss Teen Canada World has helped me find who I am, and has helped me gain so much willpower and determination. I have never wanted anything so bad in my life. I am not only doing this for me, but to make all those young adults proud! I’m happy to be able to connect with my supporters on such a personal level. Mental health is a big problem and should not be ignored. In fact, emotional mental disorders are a leading cause of disabilities worldwide!
Mental illness, disability, and suicide are ultimately the result of a combination of biology, environment, and access to and utilization of mental health treatment. Being mentally and emotionally healthy does not preclude the experiences of life which we cannot control. I have had to deal with some very difficult times in my younger years and that took a great toll on my mental health once I started high school. Everyone is dealing with something that we may not know of, and that is why it’s so important to me to not judge on the way people are. People act a certain for a reason. Life is full of obstacles and we just need to learn to deal with them and let those tough experiences in life make us stronger individuals. Mental health illnesses is actually higher within teenagers because adolescence is a time of dramatic change. Between middle school and high school, teens often feel tremendous pressure to succeed at school, at home and in social groups. Young adults can become troubled by frequent intense and painful emotions when dealing with depression. While some are able to deal with these feelings better than other, some react differently to their problems. They are unable to express their feelings and the buildup of feelings makes it difficult for them to think clearly. A very dangerous way that some teens release this bottleneck by cutting or burning and otherwise hurting themselves. Self injury feels like immediate relief, but this is a short-term solution with very serious consequences.

Since I am a voice for those who are afraid to speak out about their mental health issues, I made an appearance at the Self Help Alliance art exhibit and talent show. People dealing and recovering with mental illnesses expressed themselves through the arts. It was an amazing time and I even got to say a speech about why raising awareness to mental health is so important. It was a great time and I was inspired by each of those who worked up the courage to show everyone there their special talents!

I stand for those who are afraid to speak out.
you tell me, What do YOU stand for?


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