These days, it can be difficult to find those certain people who will help others out of the good of their hearts. We live in a world where we are selfish, and only care about money. I am thankful for the life that I have been blessed with, but most importantly, for the people in my life. I am lucky to have such kind people supporting me along the way and helping me in any way they can. I am dedicating this blog post to my special sponsors. Making it this far would have been difficult without their help and generosity. Why should your company be interested in sponsorship? When done well, it offers significant opportunities for distinct marketing and competitive advantages, as well as showing support of the event.

My first photo shoot with Del Carmen

My first sponsor was Del Carmen Photography and Art Design. She did an amazing job on my very first photo shoot for the Provincial Ontario pageant and then when I moved onto nationals she did an exceptional photography session with my sash and crown.  Alexandra does marvelous portraits for Engagements, Weddings, Pregnancy, Babies, Fashion, Makeup, Special Events, Quinceaneras, Anniversaries etc. YOU NAME IT she does it! Del Carmen Photography and Art Design is photography for your special moments, paintings for kids and businesses. Like her Facebook Page to support her business, she truly is talented.

A close family friend of mine has his own Steam Clean Service and came running to me asking how he could help me out. All his hard work in promoting my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World to other businesses and sponsoring me has helped me tremendously.

Steam Clean Service!

His generosity and wise words boosted my confidence sky high. I love knowing that I have people cheering me on, and people who believe in me. To get a healthy clean home, give Isidro Roque a call for his awesome Steam Clean Services! You can reach him at 🙂 What a great guy! He is a true neighbor with great character and a warm heart.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Willow West Dental Office for sponsoring me! They have been the greatest people to my family and I over the years. Their exceptional service and care is what keeps us coming back! All my sponsors deserve a thousand thank yous! I hope to make them all proud. I love them all so much, I really could not have been so successful on this once in a life time journey without them or anyone of my supporters. I just want to make everyone proud.  Your support as my sponsor will open many new opportunities for me, as well as help develop the mechanics necessary to enhance this experience. Also, your contribution will enable me to participate in in this highly distinguished national competition. This event will broaden my discipline and character, on and off the stage, which is invaluable to my future endeavors. As you can imagine, there is a lot of expenses involved in managing a pageant like this.  Your contribution is not solely a charitable contribution, but is also an advertising opportunity. Without the support of people like you, I will not be able to reach my goals.Thank you once again for your generous support. Love you always, Miss Teen Wellington County-World 2013.

Written by: Jasmine Herrera

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