Guelph is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. My hometown Guelph is also known as “The Royal City” because King George IV was the reigning British monarch at the time Guelph was founded. Growing up in Guelph must have given me good luck at the provincial provincial pageant now that I am known as royalty too ;).  Due to its low crime rates, clean environment and generally high standard of living, Guelph is consistently rated as one of the country’s best places to live!
A very special place in my hometown that brings tourists to Guelph would be the McCrae House. This isn’t just your ordinary house! The McCrae House located in Guelph, is the birthplace of John McCrae. He was a Canadian poet, physician, author, artist and soldier during the first World War. He is best known for his famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”, which he wrote on May 3, 1915. McCrae House contains both permanent and temporary exhibition space that interprets the life and times of John McCrae. Yearly themes are offered. Summer activities include Poppy Push, Canada Day, Teddy Bear Picnic, History Camp and special teas in the garden. The gardening volunteers have worked to create an award-winning garden reflecting the time period of the mid-to-late 19th century. The house is a national historic site of Canada. This small limestone cottage, built c.1858, was owned by the McCrae family from 1870 to 1873. Other families occupied the house until 1966, when a group of Guelph citizens purchased the building with the intention of preserving it as a museum. This group formed the Lt. Col. John McCrae Birthplace Society and began to raise money for its restoration. The federal government through the Historic Sites & Monuments Board has designated both John McCrae as a person of national significance, and the house as a place of national significance.  The operation of the museum was transferred to the City of Guelph in 1983 and along with Guelph Civic Museum, was merged under the name Guelph Museums. I am so lucky to have come from a city full of history and talent. “In Flanders Fields” will always be a famous poem and it still  is being recited to this day! It is great to know that such a talented author was from my hometown! It’s amazing how much historical information Guelph has! Even in the downtown area, the buildings are well over centuries old. There’s no better place that I would have preferred to grow up. GO CHECK OUT THE McCrae House in Guelph! Thanks Skylon Tower Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge. Sponsoring this pageant makes it even more fun with all the amazing prizes the sponsors give us a chance to win! Every summer I visit the falls and the scenery is just breath taking! No wonder Niagara Falls is the biggest tourist attraction in Canada.

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