What comes to mind when you think about high school? My high school might be different than the rest of yours. When I think about my high school, I think about all of the great memories I have created with my friends throughout these past four years at Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic High School in Guelph Ontario. The reason why I love my school so much is because we all come together to help each other out. When I walk into my school I love feeling all the positive energy from the students and teachers.

Setting up for the BBQ!

My school has come together for Terry Fox runs, deportation of a fellow student, raising money for a special student who has been diagnosed with cancer, and now, my school community has helped me in reaching my minimum fund raising goal for Free The Children!My six weeks of fund raising has begun and I am wasting no time here! Thanks to the help of Crusaders in Action leader, Juliana Major, I was able to hold a fund raising BBQ for Free The Children during lunch today. I sold burgers, drinks and cheese bun hot dogs! The food was delicious and I was lucky enough to have friend volunteers cooking the burgers for me. Everyone seemed to love it because I sold out of everything in a matter of minutes! It was truly amazing and I am so happy and grateful to have such an amazing school filled with inspirational and supportive students! The Our Lady of Lourdes Crusaders are truly outstanding people. My BBQ could not have been successful without the help of my fellow saders! Crusaders are a lot more than just your ordinary regular teenager. Whether it be winning a sports game, or raising money for a good cause, the Our Lady of Lourdes Crusaders stands out in the community. There really is no other school like my school. When we come together like this, we call it sader nation! I would like to thank every single student and teacher for donating and buying food in support of me, and especially Free The Children.

My helpful and of course beautiful friends - Kaelyn, Jazmin and Paige!

This fund raiser could not have happened as successfully as it did without the help of the administrators, helpful teachers, my friends, Crusaders in Action club, and most of all the students! My school made me proud today by donating, and I promise to make my school proud of me at nationals! I hope to raise more money and get more sponsors before the end of next month.  If anybody knows of any business or have ideas for fund raisers do not hesitate to message me. It was an amazing day today thanks to my crusaders! I had a ton of fun serving everyone and I can honestly say that I will miss this place when I graduate.

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