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Cowgirl: UNTAMED

This is a place not just every girl gets to see. See it for yourself in the series Cowgirl: UNTAMED

Some people think they know about the life of a Cowgirl, there is beautiful horses, cute cowboys, loving community, and humbling homesteads. Reality is that being a cowgirl is not something for the light hearted…. Welcome to April Ruschlagel’s world. It’s a stay rough or get out kinda world. Small towns are lovely to live in, so much open space and freedom, but that means there is so much more trouble to get into.  In the Series Cowgirl:UNTAMED, starring Jessica Oelschagel, the viewing gets an inside look at the struggles and joys of the modern day small town girl. April Rutschlagel is a young girl who wants to keep her hometown roots, but wants to step out into a world of her own.


Not only is there the dramas of young teen life, but you also get to see the rodeo and animal side of being a true cowgirl. Being a cowgirl is nothing about looks, at all.

1700 lbs of pure force in your hands..Could you handle that?

It’smud,sweat and blood. Being from Ontario, April runs the Dodge Ram Rodeo with her stallion Ginger Snap and is trying to become the best barrel racer in the circuit. Meanwhile, while April rodeo’s she has a young horse at home just ready to eat up the barrel pattern. There is one problem. He loves to buck! Horse back riding is a thrill because you have control of over 1000 lbs of power at your finger tips. However, when that power no longer wants you on its back it can pose a problem. In the series you will see how one girl can work with her young horse to reach the goals she desires. Reaching goals is a huge part of Cowgirl:Untamed. This series lifts spirits and shows that the sky is the limit.


Series Sponsors :





Goody has been a wonderful sponsor to the Cowgirl: UNTAMED series. They are looking to promote their hair products to the equestrian scene. Cowgirls know that when it comes to hair when riding it can be a MESS!! So Goody is a great partner to help on set to keep Jessica Oelschlagel’s hair picture perfect and fashionable.  The new ouchless elastics are GREAT when riding and make it more comforting to wear cowboy hats and helmets while riding in rodeo.

Have your hair tied with comfort while riding..even the craziest bucking horse.



Another great sponsor of this series is Jeanne Lottie who is looking to get her purses line into the rustic equestrian wear look. Through the series Jeanne Lottie can reach a wider audience of individuals who are more likely to enjoy her new design idea. Rustic designs such as dark brown leathers and fringes are beginning to bring back the cowgirl rustic look to the fashion industry. This lead Jeanne Lottie into

Brown Leather as an AWESOME Equestrian Style

choosing Cowgirl: UNTAMED as a great way to impress the fashion world – as well as the equestrian world- with her gorgeous designs.




If you are looking for a series that will stand out from all the rest watch Cowgirl: UNTAMED Thursdays at 8. It will be the ride of your life.

The Ride of a Lifetime.



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