YES! I’M GOING TO NATIONALS! I always count down the days until the big competition! I am so excited to meet the beautiful girls at nationals this Summer, I will remember this forever.
Allow me to introduce myself! I am currently 17 years old and I am a senior student at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School. I am very interested in modeling, fashion, hair styling, and dance!It has always been my dream to become a model! I love taking pictures and photo shoots with my photographer are always so much fun! I will continue on to do as many photo shoots as I can. I always felt like I was destined to become a fashion designer!

My first photoshoot

Ever since I was a little girl. My career choice has changed over the years, but my passion for fashion has always remained the same! It’s important to me to always look my absolute best, be the best dressed and have the latest fashions! I believe fashion and the way a person dresses says a lot about an individual. Fashion is how we can express ourselves through personal style.  Right away a person can tell I am into glitz and glamour when I am wearing my favourite Chanel earrings!
Hair styling has always been an interest of mine. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to open my very own hair studio! That would amazing, it is definitely on my list of goals. I enjoy styling my friends’ hair for any
special occasion and I am obsessed with taking great care of my own hair.

I used to dance Hip-Hop and Jazz at the Holly Hughes Dance Academy in Guelph. I really enjoyed it! The girls I met were super nice and the staff was amazing. Sadly, going into my senior year of high school I decided to call it quits so I can focus on my studies more. Dancing was such a great work out and my dance class and I would always have to do these INTENSE cardio workouts! Dancing on that big stage during recital week made me realize how much I love being in the spotlight.

Holly Huges Dance Recital

I miss dance everyday because it really helped me to relieve stress in a fun way.  Since I don’t do dance regularly now, I stick to working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. Good thing I can always go for a dance party by myself in my room or with my friends! Who doesn’t love to dance right? I also met a few of my friends from dance, and I am glad that we still keep in touch.  I am happy to be starting a new chapter in my life and moving onto bigger and better things! YAY!

A little bit more about myself…
I’m a latina and very proud of it. My parents are from El Salvador and my great grandpa’s side of the family is from ESPANA. (Spain) I speak fluent Spanish and I am in love with the culture.  My hispanic roots give me a sense of identity, and good genes too! My favourite colour is red, I wear it all the time! I love anything glamorous and girly. I always put others happiness first, friends and family are VERY important to me and I would honestly do anything for my best friends.

My zodiac sign is cancer. As any other self-respecting Crab like me, I would say that I am ultimately motivated by protecting my home and loved ones. I am very protective of the people who are close to me. I may seem like a tough personality at first, but I am actually a major softie. I am super sensitive, but I can take a joke! I love to meet new people and be outgoing! I make friends very easily and my favourite thing to do is shop of course!

Stay up to date with my posts and learn more and more about me each time!

Thank you to all my supporters,

Miss Teen Wellington County-World 2013.

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