Hello everyone! Thank you so very much for keeping up to date with my blog posts! I have so much exciting news to share with all of you.

Today I had my second television appearance in Fergus. I was interviewed on the T.V. show “Over The Fence.”  The host made me feel very comfortable and she was so easy going, the interview was a breeze! She even gave me a donation for Free The Children! Everyone at the television station was so welcoming and generous. I had a great time!  My taping can be seen on TV COGECO, starting on May 2nd to May 14 2013. I can’t wait to see.

The producer of the show gave me this letter as well, thanking me for being a special guest on the show.

Thank you letter from the producer!

I feel so comfortable with public speaking and interviews with all the media I have had so far! I am so thankful and grateful to have my community being so supportive of me and helping me to achieve my goals. I can’t wait to get out there and gain more sponsors from local businesses! Promoting my title as Miss Teen Wellington County has been such an exciting adventure so far! It takes a lot of work and dedication, but it is worth it. I am truly doing what I love, and doing everything TO WIN THE CROWN. 😀

If you have not already seen my first television appearance before the provincial pageant, click on the link here!
Miss Teen Canada-World Delegate interview on ‘INSIDE GUELPH’ local television

My very first TV appearance!

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Keep showing your support (: Much appreciated, love you all.  🙂

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