Hey Summer Lovers! <3

MMMMmmmmmmm Refreshing!

Please refrain from licking the screen!

Wanna learn how you can beat the heat this summer with some quick, simple and delicious popsicle recipies. Where I come from ( visit earlier posts to see what I mean) local foods are everything so homemade is a must!!    

But the problem is..how do we keep them in shape when they are in the freezer ?

                                          Ice Puddles are not an option!

  how about we use the.. 

New and Improved 

 Stainless Steel Ice Pop Molds by ONYX!!!!!



Help our environment with ONYX who believe that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmental products without breaking the bank. Sending a great deal of time researching plastic alternatives and found that the few choices out there are either low quality or hugely marked up. So ONYX took the time to change that!

The next question isss… what about recipies for:


Good Heath

Frozen Yogurt


Now you are ready for the summer heat! 🙂 Get Lickin’ Love JessOXO

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