I have arrived in Toronto and I cant wait to get started! So far, I have unpacked and dressed into a nice sundresss for our first get together. My room mate is Danica and she comes all the way from British Columbia! We’re getting along great! I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the girls. It seems just like yesterday that I was in the same hotel preparing for the provincial pageant back in January.

our room!

Today voting begins and I hope everyone from Wellington county votes for me! Guelph really needs to be represented more and I am honoured to be Wellington county’s ambassador. But, most importantly, I am here from Guelph hoping to becomd an ambassador for all of Canada! Guelph is a great city because it is very community based and all guelphites love to volunteer! I just recently turned 18, and this journey is really helping me in finding myself and growing as a person into a young mature lady. I didnt get to kiss my parents goodbyeand I kind of miss them already. This would all not be possible without them both and I am so lucky to have such amazing,  hard working, and loving parents.

yours truly from Guelph

I promise to make all of my family, friends and wellington county proud. I hope to be the first latina Miss Teen Canada World! Please vote for me at www.missteencanadawofld.com. Sign up as a VIP Member, verify your e-mail and click on my name under the finalists psge! Love you all, vote vote vote!

Written by: Jasmine Herrera

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