“A Woman’s greatest asset is her beauty.”

Spring has sprung and it’s time to let you all know on how to take care of that beautiful skin of yours as summer fast approaches us! I think it is important for girls to be able to feel comfortable with who they are and believe that they are truly beautiful. You DO NOT need to cover your face in make up to feel pretty all the time. I personally wear less make-up once the days begin to feel warmer! Want to know how I keep my hair long, strong and shiny? Want to know how to keep your face blemish-free? Here are some products I use and beauty tricks that help me looking my best without having to spend so much money.

Let’s talk HAIR!
I am most known as the girl with long blonde hair. The trick to helping your hair grow is getting a trim every 3 months or so and conditioning your hair from root to tip.  Homemade topical treatment recipes can help strengthen and moisturize hair to prevent breakage.

Claire, Paige and I showing off our blonde locks!

Another very important tip all girls should know is that hair extentions are heavy on your hair, rough on your scalp, and can most likely lead to more hair loss. Like any other girl, I love love love to style my hair with heat products but please do it in moderation. Burning your hair every day will only fry your hair and even cause it to fall out…not good.  Always use heat protector on your hair before using any hair straightener/flat iron or curler.  If you want brighter shades of blonde in your hair (if you are already a NATURAL blonde) I use John Freida hair lightener. It works like magic and keeps my hair bright, blonde and shiny all through the winter time! You can get it at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Want flawless skin?
I only use NATURAL products. For instances, every morning and night I wash my face with my green tea face cleanser. It gets right down to my pores and gets rid of blemishes and breakouts. My favorite face mask is a cucumber peel-off mask I use after my cleanser. I distribute it on evenly on my face, leave it on for 5-10 minutes then when it dries I slowly peel it off. It takes off all the dead skin from your face and leaves my skin feeling refreshed! I also have really sensitive skin so any other products do not work so well on me. I highly recommend natural products when it comes to the face, especially for any one who has really sensitive and fair skin like I do.

Be careful when applying your foundation ladies!
Using regular foundation and powders on your face makes it easy to look cakey. Especially when you’re dehydrated.  What I do to achieve a natural-looking coverage is top my moisturizer with mineral foundation. This conceals and evens out  the skin without making it looking dry. 🙂 pretty! Lightly applying bronzer to the cheek bones make your face structure pop more also!

Work on your fitness!
On top of these essential beauty tips, always make sure you workout for AT LEAST 30 minutes a day. That’s not too much to ask for is it? It’s good for your body to sweat out all the bad chemicals, and sweating is actually GOOD for you. If you still look cute at the end of your workout…then you’re probably doing it wrong and not working hard enough.


Learn to challenge yourself and push your limits.


Be you’re own kind of beautiful…and show off what makes you stand out! To be a Canadian beauty, the most important attribute every girl should have is confidence. Confidence is key. Every single girl should love the skin she’s in and be able to love who she is. I have no ideal on what beauty looks like. Everyone is a different size, shape, height, color etc.  There are so many different ways to describe what beauty is, but I personally feel that as long as YOU feel comfortable in your own skin then you are beautiful. We are all beautiful in our own way.  Who is to say that a girl who is a size 00 more beautiful than someone who may be a size 14? NO ONE. Exactly.  Each and every one of us was made differently. We should embrace our differences, not hide them.  With that being said, true beauty comes from within, and with that, we all can learn to appreciate our uniqueness. You are all beautiful.

Much love,

Jasmine, Miss Teen Wellington County-World 2013.

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