Signature Towels is best known for it’s excellent reliability. No matter the quantity or specifications, Signature Towels ensures to have the order exceed to customer’s expectations. Signature Towels is a company that sells bathrobes, hand/bath/workout towels, shower wraps, towels sets and much more! Their personalized towels are the perfect gift for that special someone. Personalized gifts are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, and especially impress friends and family.  Personalized Towels offers personalized towels and gifts for every occasion and with a wide selection of towels that are exclusively embroidered.
If I were a marketing company executive in charge of creating a thirty second television spot for Signature Towels to market their personalized towels, the commercial would take place on a hot beach in Spain! Every type of person would be able to relate to my commercial. Young children, adults and even elders, would be drawn in and want to buy a special personalized towel if they saw that every day people used them! Putting people into my commercial can help draw my target audience in. The setting of the commercial would be at a typical looking Canadian beach, with the sun shining and the water glistening! The family would be showing off their Personalized Towels and having fun in the sun while up beat music plays .  My script for the commercial would include the family starting out with just regular old bath towels, not having as much fun…and then the mother finds out about Signature Towels! She buys them for the whole family and now each member of the family has their own style added to their bath towels! The family instantly has more fun showing off their personalized bath towels! The commercial first starts out with the children complaining about how the other kids at the beach have such nicer towels than they do. “Mom, all the other kids look so cool with their personalized names on their beach towels! Why can’t I have one?”, asks the young son. This would imply the message that people will have more fun when their own style is incorporated into their own bath towels! The best part is that ANYONE could bring a signature towel like these to the beach or just to have at home after a nice long shower or bubble bath. A happy family walks by them and looks ten times better than they do, the jealous mother decides to get the whole family signature towels! She doesn’t want to be out of the loop either. With signature towels, the entire family is happy! The family aren’t the only actors in this commercial though!

The VS Models would choose Signature Personalized Towels too!

The Victoria’s Secret models come walking down the beach and place their bright pink personalized towels right next to the family. “We only use Signature Personalized Towels, they are perfect! Where are your personalized towels?” Asks the model to the family. Now the mother knows for sure she made a good decision by buying the personalized signature towels. Their long beach day comes to a close with their cool personalized beach towels resting on the rocky sand as the family dives in the water for one last swim! GET YOUR PERSONALIZED BEACH TOWEL TODAY! ONLY AT SIGNATURE TOWELS.


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