It is only day number three and we have already done so much. Yesterday, I did my photoshoot, peronal interview with the judges, and then the video shoot. My favourite was saying the intro for the video ,”Jasmine Herrera, 18, Guelph Ontario!” It was so much fun and I am so excited to see the video. All of the girls are super nice and we get along great! Today we had a wake up call of 5am to go to the television show called Breakfast Television. Some girls got to speak about their unique attributes, and it was so amazing to see how they film the show. After that, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast before going to the CN Tower. Today was the first time ever I have ever been there. When we arrived people kept asking for our pictures and wished us all luck in the competition.

Thank you Costa Blanca!

My favourite part of the day would be the shoping tritotower the Yorkdale mall where Costa Blanca gave the girls a 50 dollar gift card. I found a really nice dress to wear for our appearance on New Music Live! We were in the audience so we had to look our best. I got a really good picture on my camera with the host that was there and the show was so entertaining with the dancers and beat boxers they had as guests today. On top of all that, the girls were set out to adventure the distillery historic district and complete a scavenger hunt! It looked like madness having 65 ladies running around all over the place. It was a fun time because we got to know eachother kmow and it was a little taste of the competition too.

vote for me, Jasmine Herrera from Guelph

What havent we done today?It has been a little hectic but I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me. Please continue to show your support by voting for Me at I appreciate everyone’s support! Could not do this on my own without people there for me to back me up and cheer me on? Put me in the top 20 by voting!Thank you everyone.


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